Public Relations

The right message to the right people

Public relations is your most important tool for credibility. It generates rapport, and earns mentions in newspapers, magazines, and blogs that are far more effective in getting your brand known than advertising or other bought media.

Paz Marketing has a strong public relations department dedicated to managing the flow of information to your many audiences.

We work with you to identify your stakeholders. Then we tailor the right message to the right people, and help you disseminate it. We put you in the news by helping you create the right news.

We ensure your messages are consistent, newsworthy, congruent with your brand values and in step with your business goals.

We help you:

  • Use earned media to promote your point of view
  • Generate brand recall and awareness
  • Form excellent relationships with members of the media
  • Generate continuous coverage
  • Permeate into consumer consciousness
  • Gain credibility in the market