Media Buying

Be it digital or print, what matters is location, location, location

Media buying requires a strategy. A discussion of business goals. And most importantly, a genuine understanding of audience demographics and behaviours. What they read. How and when they read it. And at what time they are the most receptive to ads. Finding a magazine you like and slapping an ad in it is NOT media buying.

Paz Marketing has a dedicated media buying team with excellent relations with mainstream publications, and detailed knowledge of industry specific ones that might cater to specifically to your target audiences. We help you get the best rates, and access to the most sought after publications.

But more importantly, we work with you to understand your target audiences. Only after a detailed study of the demographics you want to attract, and an understanding reasons for targeting them, do we proceed to buying space.

Be it digital space, or in conventional print or broadcast media, we can help you:

  • Understand your audience demographics and the best way of reaching them
  • Formulate a media buying strategy that helps you meet concrete business objectives.
  • Use different channels to get your message out, and reinforce it effectively
  • Help you delineate spend to make the best use of your advertising budget